Vastu Tips for South Facing House

Vastu Tips for South Facing House

Vastu is the remedial science of managing the living and working space, in such a manner that it brings peace, happiness and prosperity for the people who live and work there. This ancient Indian science works on the principle of directions and designs homes and offices according to these principles, to make sure that there is flow of positive energy in the space.

Homes and offices which have been designed keeping in view the vastu principles are known to bring positivity and good luck and protect the people from any kind of harm and negative forces. For this reason, the services of Vastu consultants are becoming more and more popular these days and people look to consult them while having a new home or office constructed and even for making changes in them and aligning them with vastu principles.

vastu tips for south facing house

According to the vastu shastra, all the directions have their own negative and positive benefits and they need to be planned in such a manner as to generate positive flow of energy through the place. When it comes to vastu for South facing houses, they are to be designed with care and if done so, they become auspicious enough for the homeowner.

Here are some useful vastu tips for a South facing house:

  1. Starting with the construction part of a South facing plot, it should be done in such a manner that there is abundant open space in the North and East directions. There should not be a slope in south direction, rather the boundary should be higher in the south and south of west.
  2. The entrance of the house should also be in the North or East, which are regarded as the auspicious directions according to vastu principles. In case, you are planning to have the entrance direction in South or West, an expert vastu specialist must examine your horoscope first and then recommend accordingly.
  3. Most of the balconies of the house should also be North or East facing, while the roof should also slope in one of these directions. Similarly, the borewell should be made in north east. At the same time, it is to be ensured that no water bodies lie near the entrance of the house. Also, the worship place of the home should be placed in this direction.
  4. The center of the house or the plot, known as Bharmastan, should be kept vacant to ensure that positive energies flow through it. There should not be any construction or clutter in this area.
  5. The house should be built in either rectangular or square shape. The number of windows and doors on every floor of the home should be even, while the height and the width of the door should also be decided by consulting an expert vastu practitioner. The rooms should be made in such a manner that they are spacious and have good ventilation, with plenty of windows to let in natural light and fresh air.
  6. One of the most important places in the home is the kitchen which represents abundance. A south facing home should have the kitchen in the south east direction. In case, you plan to construct a pantry or storeroom for housing grains, it should be planned in the north western direction. The study as well as the dining room should ideally be in the west because this direction stands for peace and good concentration, required for healthy eating and studying.
  7. South east is the direction where bathrooms and toilets should be located. Also, you should have your cleaning items such as dusters, brooms and dustbins placed in this direction.
  8. The wealth safe of the south facing house should be in the north direction as it will keep your wealth and jewelry safe and flourishing.
  9. Any decorative items should be purchased with great care so that it does not generate negative energies for your home. For instance, the pictures of war and crying women should be avoided.
  10. Different vastu instruments like pyramids can be employed in a south facing house as remedies for vastu doshas. They should be installed only under the guidance of an expert vastu specialist. When you plan to get positive influences for your south facing house, you should take the advice of a vastu expert.

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  1. ramanivaini says:

    having a house facing south direction everything went in perfect condition.Atera lap of 10 years everything goes topsyturvy

  2. Poonam says:

    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Meena Kumar Rai says:

    1.where should i keep the pyramid for south facing home?
    2. what is the remedies of south west septic tank of south facing home?

    Please advice your expert vastu suggestion.

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