Local Land Measurement Units in Nepal

Local Land Measurement Units in Nepal

Just like different regions have different culture, traditions, life style and languages, in Nepal people use different land measurement units in different regions.

Area measurement system used for land in Terai regions is completely different from hilly regions. Katha, Bigha and dhur systems are mainly used in Terai region. In other hand, Ropani, aana, daam and paisa systems are used in mountainous regions.

So, we have collected the list of units which are helpful to calculate land area in Nepal. We have tried to cover commonly used measurement units. More units will be updated soon.

Table for list of units used to measure land area in Nepal

1 Bigha (बिघा) 20 Kattha (कठ्ठा)
1 Bigha (बिघा) 6772.63 m²
1 Bigha (बिघा) 72900 sq.ft.
1 Bigha (बिघा) 13.31 Ropani
1Kattha (कठ्ठा) 20 Dhur (धुर)
1Kattha (कठ्ठा) 338.63 m²
1Kattha (कठ्ठा) 3645 sq.ft.
1 Dhur (धुर) 16.93 m²
1 Dhur (धुर) 182.25 sq.ft.
1 Ropani (रोपनी) 16 aana (आना)
1 Ropani (रोपनी) 64 Paisa (पैसा)
1 Ropani (रोपनी) 508.72 m²
1 Ropani (रोपनी) 5476 sq.ft.
1 Ropani (रोपनी) 256 Daam (दाम)
1 Ropani 4 Matomuri
1 Khetmuri 25 Ropani
1 Aana (आना) 4 Paisa (पैसा)
1 Aana (आना) 31.80 m²
1 Aana (आना) 342.25 sq. ft.
1 Aana (आना) 16 Daam (दाम)
1 Paisa (पैसा) 4 Daam (दाम)
1 Paisa (पैसा) 7.95 m²
1 Paisa (पैसा) 85.56 sq. ft.
1 Daam (दाम) 1.99 m²
1 Daam (दाम) 21.39 sq. ft.
1 Haath 1.5 ft.


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    40/60 square feet into Anna???? mean how many Anna are there in 40/60 square feet???

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