5 Things to look before buying an old house

5 Things to look before buying an old house

Buying a house is a matter of big decision and sometimes a matter of investment too. There are lots of formalities associated with it which doesn’t make the running around easy as well. When you are looking for your home, you think to buy the best house at a price which is acceptable to you.

New projects can be very pricey and out of reach expense wise as well. Though they may provide you with latest amenities, this invariably shoots up the price range for sure. The real estate markets are soaring high, so the best consideration is to invest into an old house as these are comparatively less priced on the market.

When considering buying an old house, it is highly recommended to check and inspect the house thoroughly. These checks are very essential and are must to avoid any hindrance in the future.

So what are the things to look for before buying an old house?

Structure and Foundation

When you are looking to buy an old house for your housing needs it is advised to check for its long standing foundation first. There are instances that as the buildings or house get older their foundation may start to become weak. Now when you are buying your new home (though old) you wouldn’t want to be in a situation like that.

Call for house inspection authority in order to validate the conditioning of the home. In some cases you may come to know the structure or foundation issues just by looking at the house, but in some cases you may need the opinion of experts. So this check is highly considered when selecting an old house.

Bugs and Termites

It is natural that bugs and termites are present in some houses but they appear due to weather conditions or due to bad wooden cabinets. But it’s obvious you wouldn’t want to see them on a grave scale when looking for an old house.

However, you can instantly point out that the house has bugs and termites because of the powder around the wooden surfaces and patch developed on the wallpaper as well. Termites thrive in wood and chew on it and powder it down. So if you see or suspect this kind of activity, it is best to call for a termite inspector who can give you a better analysis of it.

Leakage and damp corners

Another thing to take a note is to look for any kind of leakages. General in damp areas these are a common problem and some cases may require additional fixing work as well. This may also affect the selling price of the owner. So make sure to get it fixed.

Checking for windows condition

An old house has a traditional structure which is the reason some have the excitement of buying it. Another aspect of checking includes the conditions of the windows. They should be good and hard enough as to not let the heat inside or to create any holes as such though the panes and should provide enough ventilation in the house. If at all the conditions of the windows are not great then revamping can be an option.

Investigate Neighborhood information

It is also necessary part to investigate before buying land or house. Local property dealer can provide information about that area. You can inspect yourself by visiting that area on weekdays and weeknights.

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