Top 10 Best cities of Nepal to Live in

Top 10 Best cities of Nepal to Live in

Nepal, officially known as “Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal“, is a country surrounded by land and located in South Asia. It has several stunning green hills and classic townships and villages of diverse cultural and traditional groups which add to its attraction. Natural and ethnic characteristics of Nepal can be explored through small and laid back treks of beautiful places and significant villages of Nepal.

Nepal is not only an amazing place to visit for a holiday, it is a wonderful place to put down roots and live in one of the picturesque cities in the country. Top ten cities recommended to live in Nepal are listed.

1. Kathmandu

The capital of Nepal, the Kathmandu Valley, is the most established and inhabited place in Nepal. It is the economic hub of Nepal housing majority of workplaces and headquarters. It is well known for its inimitable, rich, culture and architecture. The city usually has a climate with warm days and cool nights.

The winters can be a little cold.The education scene is quite good with a couple of universities and medical colleges located in and around Kathmandu. There is a fairly large network of roadways which has encouraged the economic development in the city. It also has the most developed healthcare facility in Nepal. Two things that i hate about Kathmandu is poor water facility and too much pollution as constructions work is in progress.

2. Pokhara

Pokhara is the home to many Ghurkha soldiers and is the second largest city in Nepal. Three out of ten highest mountains in the world are located very near to this city. Due to its elevation, the climate remains moderate throughout the year. It is known as a tourism capital of Nepal.

pokhara city nepalThere are a significant number of people join the military forces from this area. The healthcare and educational opportunities are multitude. The hospitality industry is on the rise owing to the increase in the tourist population in Pokhara.

3. Butwal

Butwal is one of the major cities in Nepal. It is a city which boasts archaeological finds which date back to before 10 million years. Though English is not popular here, the young generation can manage to communicate in English well. Butwal is the major centre of education in Nepal. It has numerous government and private schools, colleges and universities. Healthcare is also notable here.butwal city nepal

4. Bharatpur

Bharatpur, which is located in Chitwan district, is a money making, commercial centre in the central region of Nepal. It is one of the fastest growing cities of Nepal. It sports most of the shopping areas, government offices, big hospitals and colleges, including Nepal’s premier cancer hospital.bharatpur city nepal

5. Dharan

A city in eastern Nepal, Dharan serves as a trading post between the hilly region and the plains of Terai region. This city is one among the largest cities in Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara. It acts as a gateway to some of the most remote attractions in Nepal.dharan city of nepal

6. Biratnagar

Biratnagar is the second largest city in Nepal. It is famous tourist place and houses many temples which attract tourists. The main source of economy in Biratnagar comes from business and industry. It exports of products like instant noodles, biscuits and garments.biratnagar city of nepal

7. Janakpur

Janakpur is one of the historical and religious cities of Nepal. It has a significant tourism industry due to its significance in Hindu religion. It also hosts the only operative railway in Nepal.janakpur city nepal

8. Hetauda

Hetauda is a sub-metropolitan city in Southern Nepal. It is one of the most significant manufacturing and engineering regions of Nepal, resulting in working class communities residing here.hetauda city nepal

According to many reports, Hetauda is the cleanest city in Nepal. It is a popular choice for people migrating from the northern hilly regions to the south. There are many educational institutions located here which provide both bachelors and masters degrees in multiple fields.

9. Birgunj

Birgunj lies south of the capital Kathmandu and north of the border of the Indian state of Bihar. It is known as the ‘Gateway to Nepal‘ as it an entry point to Nepal from Patna and Kolkata, The town has noteworthy commercial significance for Nepal as most of its trade with India is via Birgunj.birgunj city nepal

10. Tansen

Tansen is located on the highway between Butwal and Pokhara, Its most important landmark is the octagonal Pavilion in the middle of Sitalpati, the main market square. A hill near to Tansen offers a panoramic view of the high Himalaya.tansen city palpa nepal

We have prepared list of top 10 cities in Nepal on the basis on users vote. What you say about our list, leave your opinion via comment.

63 Thoughts on “Top 10 Best cities of Nepal to Live in

  1. Stranger says:

    Pokhara is known for its temples??? seriously? Get your facts right, this article is bullshit!

  2. rozan guragain says:

    One of the most beautiful green city itahari is missing in this list

  3. Bibek says:

    Butwal must be in no.1 now coz of it’s beauty and popularity..

    • Aases says:

      Butwal must be no 1 because of its popularity…

    • Vijay says:

      Don’t forget Bibek ji, in summer Butwal’s temperature goes more then rost enough …..

      • Bibek says:

        Just fuck it bullshit… Have you ever seen the beauty and the infrastructure of Butwal ever….
        Analyze by the facilities bro not the weather ????

        • Syam says:

          Are you Okay? Mind your language, if you get this angry this fast you might need to see a doctor.
          Have you ever traveled around Nepal…?
          Butwal is one of the better cities but it’s definitely not all that.
          A better version of Butwal is Dharan, Butwal has a very narrow portion next to hills, the highway goes through the middle of the already narrow space and there is not much infrastructure outside the highway. Dharan was beautiful, with great roads, great views, good food, a great cultural mix of people, and very very green. Outside of Pokhara in Nepal, it has the highest number of retirees since its so peaceful.
          I am not even from Dharan I am from Kathmandu But I have traveled throughout Nepal over the years.

          • Simon says:

            Well said. No one needs to swear or use bad language after visiting the most beautiful nation of Nepal!

        • Unknown says:

          Maybe, all look good in their own ways. I’ve never made it to it. But due to unplanned urbanization, it all looks like junk dumped in a landfill

        • Newa newa says:

          I see butwal as small city as narayanghat and population seems small/minority. No local buses and micros are found in butwal as like in Pokhara & Kathmandu which roams around butwal as butwal area is very small. And summer is not preferable in butwal and winter is foggy till 12pm in butwal and by facilities, Ktm is at 1 & PKR is 2. So butwal at 3 position is good.

  4. dhruba khadka says:

    itahari must be here after pokhara and dharan.

    • madan bhandari says:

      u know there is to much hot in summer but Butwal now had manage the temperature by maintaining clean green city

      • Sahil rays says:

        I agree bro…
        Simply butwal is the best nd i can see in a decade of year…it will go past to the no.1 spot for sure

  5. UmeshK says:

    The south eastern city Biratnagar is way down the list. It should be in no 2. It is second largest city of Nepal and a huge business center.

    • Rabins Sharma Lamichhane says:

      LOL… Pokhara is the 2nd largest city of Nepal. Please, Correct your fact.

      • Hulk Man says:

        @Rabins Sharma, Google it dumb ass tapare bahun which city is bigger in area and more populated between Pokhara and Biratnagar. Name Biratnagar hudaima 2nd largest hunxa?? Ki sachchai thulo hunu parxa? Lol

  6. Prakriti says:

    I think now onwards the author should not forget the name Ghorahi. It is one of the state capital of Nepal.

    • namso says:

      I don’t think people have even heard about ghorai. by the way where is it??

    • Unknown says:

      Nepali people arguing for its city’s identification. Hahaha
      Never heard of that city. But it looks great on the internet with its unplanned urbanization.
      It looks like a dumping landfill.
      Sorry to say that.

  7. suraj adhikari says:

    butwal is suitable from all point of view.

  8. bimarsh says:

    good one but tansen most be up in number

  9. Romeo says:

    kathmandu should remove from list
    because it most polluted city of Asia.

  10. Bir Bahadur says:

    The list seems quite good but not appropriate. How the hell Kathmandu is the no 1 city to live. Birgunj, Biratnagar are the hottest cities of nepal. Maybe the author should research other suitable cities of nepal. Dang, Surkhet are some of the promising place which the list is missing.

  11. zenith says:

    tansen should be in no. 1… it is the most beautiful city in nepal.. ..♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Judy says:

    Article title should change to ‘biggest cities in nepal’ not ‘BEST cities to LIVE IN’. Kathmandu is UNLIVABLE except for people stuck there due to essential business and/or lack of other options!

  13. BISHAL says:

    BHARATPUR should be in 3rd because of centrally located and also known as 76 district of Nepal & have big malls and shopping centre.

  14. BISHAL says:

    Bharatpur is Educational Hub and also known as Medical city of Nepal

  15. Siddhantha Rana says:

    well… Author… What about KawasOti… It Serves As Administrative Sub-Headquarter Of Government offices for Nawalparasi District.. One And Only Most Beautiful City, Rapidly increasing of Population, 60% Of Land Are Greenery Which we Can Get Fresh air And Water and Located in a Heart Of Nepal… How Can U miss It From Ur List… ??

  16. Madhav paudel says:

    Butwal is best of all, the fastest growing city of nepal. In all point of view like education, health , transportation and industries. Being in terai region it is little bit hot cities but submuncipility is highly concerned in senitation and plantation which creat healthy environment hear. At present road development of butwal is unexpected development among the cities of whole nepal. Beside this it is also famous for tourism as it host nearby lumbini ,the birth place of gautam buddha. More over siddhababa, fulbari, global piece park, banbatika, hill park are developing tourism centre. Banking business and market are also in top condition as it export its product to kathmandu, pokhara , palpa and so many districts of western hills. Since in rescent year it has became the no 1 city to accumulate huge tax for Nepal and sunauli naka even won the title of biggest naka . HENCE I SUPPORT BUTWAL IS BEST AND BEST CITY OF NEPAL.

    • Sahil rays says:

      U r right bro…
      Its one of the promissing city of nepal…nd wid some new infra structure uphand going on constructiom like saage in bhw.,..gautam buddha international airport,..butwal-behliya six lane road..tourism conference hall, and most importantly the greater lumbimi metro city…
      Butwal lies along the hills wid plane land…the top most best town planned city nd hopely in upcoming future no.1 best city in nepal

    • Gems says:

      Plz can anyone tell which city is the best for shopping in Nepal

  17. Rajesh dhakal says:

    Ya ya madhav butwal is best.

  18. Pujan says:

    The photo in Biratnagar is not of Biratnagar,It is of Itahari.

  19. amar says:

    Dang Ghorahi is a 1 of the most popular city in Nepal

  20. omburg says:

    only charikot is the beautiful city in nepal

  21. SRD says:

    Itahari cant be missed in this list. Excellent to live with all kind of facilities.

  22. Prem Rathi says:

    Narayangarh is the best city of Nepal,in my point of view. A medical city, a good educational hub,central Nepal, Good transportation throughout the country, no political voilance, best temperature throughout the year, no water scarcity problem, 100_150km drive to major cities of Nepal, a perfect business and industrial hub, a proposed Metro city of the country and many more. A tourism hub Royal Chitwan National park is here which is supposed to be one of the main destination for the tourists.

  23. sandeep says:

    tansen is known as queen of hill. It is beautiful peaceful and best place to stay

  24. padam kumar says:

    Butwal should top of the list… bcoz of the fast development

  25. padam kumar says:

    Butwal is so beautiful

  26. Sahil rays says:

    In my point of view complaining abt the temperature of Butwal city is abit not so gud becoz it lies along the hills with highly nd dense amount of green forest covering from all over the land nd as we see a decades of years back the development rate of butwal in the highest compared all other cities…best urban planned city,best educational hub,health facility is well available,large no. Of banks nd bank headquaters,second most richest city after kathmandu,smooth nd wide highways nd road…nd the best link transit to the indian boarder through sunauli nd equally the central transit centre to export gud to hilly city such as palpa syngja gulmi pokharq baglung myagdi etc..west to dang kaplivastu nepalhunj nd towards east to bharatpur hetauda…

  27. Chemjong ji.. says:

    Biratnagar should be remove from the list.. it is big city but most polluted city of eastern nepal.

  28. Sagar thapa says:

    According to data butwal is second position after kathamandu literate city in Nepal also Butwal is very high rank everything like educational finance marketing industries banking pharmaceutical

  29. Nikhil Karn says:

    Why janakpur in 7 it should be oin top 3 as well it is one of the fast growing citiy in nepal it is also the heart of terai region and kathmandu is not the best city to live and most of the beautiful cities r missing like ghorahi bhairhawa birendranagar dhangadhi ithari lahan lalitpur nepalgunj where r these…….

  30. Sinjali Shankar says:

    Few points i’d Like to suggest is:
    1. Either it should be Pokhara or Biratnagar, the second largest city of Nepal not both.
    2. If I am not mistaken, Lalitpur is considered within the Kathmandu valley.
    3. And yes, I w’d say Butwal is the best & most suitable city for living. As I have travelled to most number of the cities in Nepal except for Biratnagar and Nepalgunj.
    The best thing I love about this city is it’s well managed roads, city cleanliness, good health facilities and remarkable education, it’s safe and very good market. And of course the thing to boast is it’s economy, second after the Capital Kathamandu.

  31. Arbind says:

    Birgunj 9th ma re. Dimag thik thau ma ta xi ni… it is one of the very important city of Nepal where almost all Nepal is surviving though birgunj. And don’t forget it is the financial capital of Nepal.
    And talking about money matter 50% of birgunj basi will buy 50% of Nepal. U should get proper knowledge

    • Unknow says:

      Agree on you brother, This post is written by uneducated author LOL just Ignore Trust is trust and will always remains

  32. Keshar dhimal says:

    You need more study and research about cities in Nepal. I found many things lack in your article.

  33. Nature says:

    you missed illam
    as well as bhedetar don’t know about staying but to enjoy nature’s variation bhedetar is a good choice.

  34. Nitesh says:

    Your list is zero true. You made a list of top 10 developed cities, not the cities to live in. Kathmandu is extremely polluted. Butwal, Dharan, Itahari, Bharatpur should be top four.

  35. Santosh says:

    Dharan is supposed to be at the top of the list.

  36. ukp says:

    The analysis shown above is truly correct. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is the best choice for all levels of Nepalese. If the man-made pollution will be controlled Kathmandu is not only the center of diversified culture, world famous heritages & a mixture of all classes of people & castes but also the city of all qualities of life.

  37. Bsays says:

    Whole nepal is wonderful

  38. Kumar says:

    Teurh honest bannu hami sabai nepali ko kartabya ho. Afu jaha basyo tehi thau best sabai le vanxan kinaki jaha basinxa tehi ramailo lagxa. Tara fairly compaire garau sabai thau npl ho nepal naturally sundar x polotics dirty.

  39. aayam dangi says:

    the fastest-growing city, ghorahi has been missed so it should be edited and placed in the top 10 cities

  40. Ma NEPALI says:

    Sab vyaguta haru Lai aafnai kuwa (city) best lagxa. Kahile bahira niskera Nepal ghumeka xau timi Haruko kuwa Vanda Kati Sundar thau haru xa Nepal ma. List ma J xa Sabai thik xa.

  41. Bal says:

    Butwal has been correctly ranked as on date. It is an upcoming city and spreading rapidly. why it is good because of its location. Geographically located at the center of Nepal. In one hour you are in the beautiful city of Tansen and to the south, you are in India. you are close to Lumbini, the birthplace of Budhha, and the international airport Bhairahawa. 6 lane road has made the city more attractive and livable.

  42. Chat Sansar says:

    Thanks for the list of the top 10 cities of Nepal. Surely, they are top cities and something I am looking for.

  43. Ram Rana says:

    Nepalgunj too is coming up as a nice place to live in. The city is pretty clean and roads are probably the best of all cities in Nepal….thanks to its mayor Mr. Dhawal Shamsher. The living cost is very low as compared to Kathmandu and Pokhara which makes it an affordable option for the families to live comfortably.
    It’s also the biggest business hub of Mid Western as well as Far Western Nepal due to its air operations from Nepalgunj airport.

  44. Ganesh Joshi says:

    Mahendranagar is the beautiful city, which lies in Beautiful Farwest and is the oldest Muncipality of Farwest Nepal. This city was planned in the year 1971 (२०२८BS) by Late King Mahendra. Why is Mahendranagar beautiful? The answer is: it is not crowdy like Kathmandu or under populated like Manang. In the East it is joined by Bedkot Muncipality(previously Suda and Daijee VDC). SuklaPhanta National Park is in the SOUTHern part, currently Bedkot is surrounded in EAST. In the NORTH beautiful hills of churiya connects Dadeldhura district (The only district of Nepal which has 70% Green Forest). The WESTern boundary is The Beautiful Mahakali River, the 4 th largest river of Nepal after Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali. It has Provincial Hospital with good facilties, 19 urban Health Posts, 1 Farwestern University, which Dharan Butwal Birgung Nepalgunj etc lacks. It also has12 colleges with faculties like Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Management, Law, Education, SANSKRITA, Engeering etc. with 100s of government and private schools/ colleges. It has one airport which Itahari, Dharan, Birgunj, Hetauda or Butwal lacks. The tempreture is cool in comparision to other terai cities. The beautiful religious and tourist attractions are: Siddhnath Temple, Baijnath Temple, Bedkot Lake, Jhilmila Lake, Banda Lake, Bishnu Temple/Lake, Rani Lake, The “Nepal Mata Statue”: the only statue of Mother Nepal in entire Nepal. The “Dodhara-Chadani Suspension Bridge” the 2nd longest suspension brige in Asia. “Suklaphata National Park” has the largest group of Swamp Deer in herd in THE WORLD. Currently, FOUR LANE bridge with SIX LANE motor way towards joinging India from West of Mahakali River…Most importantly there are beautiful people and manymore can’t explain muchmuch things…Please do come and visit

  45. Sunil thakuri says:

    DHANGADHI city, It’s the heart of Farwest sudurpashimmanchal provision. This city one of the best Businesses areas of Nepal was a lot of big industries and also has most amazing tourist places like Sivapuridham, Jakarta,

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